Research and development. Institutes in fields like foodstuffs, technology, chemistry and health care. Pilot plants for testing. With their own specific requirements and regulations concerning hygiene, safety and durability. Laboratories with flooring that can handle any experiment. Biochemistry. Chemicals. Acids, bases, hydrocarbons. Pipettes, making analyses, flooring impermeable to fluids. Bacteria. Sterile. Clean rooms. Air conditioning. Dust-proof, antistatic.

Expert knowledge of flooring materials and their application brings Bolidt into contact with:

Abbott Laboratories
DSM Research
Philips Natuurkundig Laboratorium
3M Labs
Estée Lauder Laboratoire

Bolidt knows from experience that the laboratory is the heart of the company. It is the center for quality control of raw materials; the final check of the end product takes place here. This is the domain of precision, where the permissible deviations of a product are determined. A laboratory is often a research center.

Chemistry, health care, pharmacy, technology, education… each area makes its own demands on a laboratory, pilot factory or test room. Static electricity, dust particles, dirt, bacteria, chemicals… all kinds of special ‘threats’ for laboratories. Bolidt has developed floor and wall finishes which have been designed especially for this purpose according to extremely severe international standards and criteria, which are in keeping with, among other things, the HACCP management policy.
ESD- safe floors
This seamless, conductive floor has ‘high definition’ conductivity, which can be brought down by a large number of factors.
Floors that are resistant to chemicals.
Bolidt supplies systems of which the strongest variant can withstand even the most aggressive chemicals. It is very important that the floor is fluid-tight with a view to maintenance, hygiene and contamination.
Wall finishes
For finishing the walls, we have developed the seamless Plycoat H system. This is an elastic wall finish that fits seamless with the Bolidtop floor. As a result, the room becomes a kind of watertight ‘cocoon’.

For every question, a specific floor solution.

Bolidt has a worldwide experience in laboratories. Succesfully we are working for:

Pathology Laboratory


Many different flooring systems apply to laboratories; from coatings with a thickness of 100 µ up to synthetic systems of 10 mm. Prices depend greatly on the size of the surface and the choice of flooring system.

For a 1,000 m² prices range between € 15 per m² for a thin functional coating and € 90 per m² for an exceptionally high quality, state-of-the-art flooring system.

To give you a more specific insight into our price structure, we invite you for a consultation to determine the most appropriate system for your space.

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