Bolidtop Stato 200

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    Bolidtop® Stato 200

Bolidtop® Stato 200

The electrically conductive flooring finish that can be fitted in at low initial costs. Because of its balanced thickness it can be installed quickly. Functional in the broadest sense of the word. And: seamless, durable, impermeable to fluids, low-maintenance and applied on site by own specialists.

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Technical properties

Bolidtop Stato 200 is a 2.5 mm thick electrically conductive flooring system based on low-viscous, two component synthetic resins with little odour to which electrically conductive inert filler has been added. The electrical properties have been set in such a way that personal safety is guaranteed and there is compliance with the ESD requirements. Copper strips are not used. Bolidtop Stato 200 is resistant to a great number of chemicals and is applied in liquid form. During hardening a permanent chemical anchoring to the surface is achieved. Adhesion to the surface is better than the surface to itself. A wide range of colours gives the architect many possibilities so that the floor fits into the atmosphere of the building.

Mechanical properties

Bolidtop Stato 200 is resistant to the most usual loads.

Forklift traffic
Falling objects
Foot traffic
Motorized pallet trucks

Chemical resistivity

Bolidtop Stato 200 is resistant to the most usual chemicals and cleaning products.

Cleaning product
Distilled water

Electrical properties

Bolidtop Stato 200 has the following electrical properties:

Resistance structure
Safety resistance
Discharge time


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UMC Utrecht
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  • UMC Centraal magazijn Utrecht Bolidtop 200 Stato
  • UMC Centraal magazijn Utrecht Bolidtop 200 Stato

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