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Studying. Staircases. Classrooms. Library. Workshops for woodwork and metalwork. Machining, welding, often a factory in miniature, as well as an educational institute. Large numbers of students who do not always use the space with great care. Various types of footwear. Bags being dragged across the floor. Facilities: sports, recreation, canteen. Faculties attached to a hospital, often extended to include laboratory areas. Research on humans and animals.

Expert knowledge of flooring materials and their application brings Bolidt into contact with:

Ministerie van EZ
ABN Amro

With its synthetic floors Bolidt is anticipating the requirements of the education sector from play/learning classroom to lecture hall: acoustics, durability, wear resistance, operational reliability, sound deadening, heat insulation, easy maintenance, user friendliness. Even when education simulates practical situations: laboratories, kitchens, workshops, computer classrooms, cutting halls. Chemical-resistant such as for the lab or the chemistry room. Floors for situations in which hygiene counts, such as in the gym where people walk around on bare feet.

Floors in corridors with a great deal of pedestrian traffic, which require a high resistance to impact and wear. Floors that are easily to maintain and to clean. Wear-resistant floors in material and colours that suit the image an area needs. This has led to an increasing amount of architects and users asking for Bolidtop floors for several reasons including the unlimited freedom in design. A liquid floor finish with a decorative appearance, applied on location in rooms where atmosphere is an extra determining factor. Geared to your demands, as far as peace and quiet and appearance are concerned, such as, for example sound-deadening floors. Durable floors that are intensively used, for the entrance hall and the corridors. For computer rooms Bolidt has a conductive floor (ESD safe) in its range. The wide variety of colour options in the Bolidt range are an attractive aspect. Special floor systems for the kitchen area and the washroom areas meet hygiene and maintenance requirements.

For every question, a specific floor solution.

Bolidt has a worldwide experience in schools and offices. Succesfully we are working for:

Universiteit Delft
Overmaas College
School voor Toerisme Breda
Eurocollege Maastricht
KMS Brussel
Technische School Beveren
Rijn IJssel College

mr Harm Smeenge College
Grafische Lyceum Amsterdam
Leids Instrumentenmakerschool
Architectenschool Sint Lucas
Europese School Brussel
Ministerie van Sociale Zaken
Trainingscentre Philips
Dr. Nassau College

Many different flooring systems apply to schools and offices; from coatings with a thickness of 100 µ up to synthetic systems of 10 mm. Prices depend greatly on the size of the surface and the choice of system.

For a 1,000 m² prices range between € 15 per m² for a thin functional coating and € 95 per m² for an exceptionally high quality, state-of-the-art flooring system.

To give you a more specific insight into our price structure, we invite you for a consultation to determine the most appropriate system for your space.

360° TOUR in the Shipping and Transport College, Rotterdam

Experience the Shipping and Transport College in Rotterdam with an interactive 360° TOUR. You are invited to walk through STC by scrolling and moving your mouse or by swiping on your tablet. Click on the image below to start the tour.

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