All over the world Bolidt carries brands that are a household name in the industry. For the user every trade name has a specific meaning that is indelible.

Bolidtop®, (industrial) flooring systemsA range of flooring systems, which differ in mechanical, chemical and electrical properties

Bolidtan®, sports systemsSports flooring, athletics tracks and indoor and outdoor fitness applications.

Boligrip® and Bolidrain®, wearing coursesWearing courses for bridges, roofs, rooftop car parks and ramps.

Bolideck®, deck systemsFlexible deck finishing systems suitable for both luxurious and very functional offshore applications.

Bolicoat®, coating systemsVery economical and functional synthetic solutions.

Bolidtop® Stato, conductive/dissipative flooring systemsThe adjustable electrical values of this series allows a controlled discharge of static electricity.

Bolidtop® E.lo, low charge flooring systemsThis type of flooring prevents a person from being electrically charged (BVG) in order to minimizestatic electricity.

Bolidtop® Design, sensational flooring systemsBecause of its unique system properties Bolidtop Design can be fashioned to meet any imagination and contributes to a more pleasant living climate, work atmosphere and shopping environment.

Bolicast®, casting compoundsSynthetic resin bound casting compounds for the purpose of levelling, gluing and grouting.

Bolidtop® Z.OKWearing courses for bridges; a modern replacement for asphalt.

Bolirail®, rail fixationsThese casting compounds are applied as rail fixations and rail dampers specifically for trains and trams.


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