Bolidt Ballast Compound 5

  • Zr. Ms. Bruinvis Ballast compound 5

    Bolidt Ballast Compound 5

Bolidt Ballast Compound 5

This pumpable synthetic compound is moisture hardening and has a density of five kilos per litre. It can therefore be easily moved in bulk into a confined space before it dries by air. The compound is extremely suitable for trimming ships.

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Technical properties

Mechanical properties

Bolidt Ballast Compound 5 is resistant to the most usual loads.

Dimensionally stable
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Chemical resistivity

Bolidt Ballast Compound 5 is resistant to the most usual chemicals.

Salty water
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Rust water
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Diesel oil
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Electrical properties

No electrical properties have been specified for Bolidt Ballast Compound 5.


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