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The business community is currently facing many challenges, including in the area of hygienic issues. In recent years, Bolidt has focused increasingly on the theme of hygiene. It is central to its own business operations, but also to the development of synthetic applications. Years of innovation have resulted in floors (and walls) that combat multi-resistant bacteria outbreaks and that have hygienic properties – being seamless, antimicrobial, easy to clean, just to name a few of their qualities. Bolidt likes to share its experience and thinks along with companies about all kinds of applications with which hygiene can be increased. In any sector; from the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare to education, biotechnology and the food industry.

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In recent years, Bolidt has been working intensively with various sectors where good hygiene is of vital importance. As a result, Bolidt has increasingly focused on the theme of hygiene. Thanks in part to its clients, the company has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of hygiene. Bolidt is now happy to share this expertise with companies that may have diverse hygiene questions.

Close cooperation with clients has resulted in floor systems that now meet the strictest hygiene guidelines. This can minimize the risk of an outbreak of multi-resistant bacteria and fungi. Bolidt’s synthetic floor systems therefore have the ideal properties for this. They are seamless, pore-tight, antimicrobial, wear-resistant, extremely durable and can be cleaned with chemical agents. Thanks to these qualities, bacteria cannot, for example, settle in the floor, while the high load capacity ensures that there are no cracks in which dirt (and therefore bacteria) can accumulate.

Not dependent on third parties

Because Bolidt controls the entire value chain, it is not dependent on third parties for the execution of work. Of course, Bolidt is affected by the restrictions imposed on travel abroad and the measures taken in different countries during this period. The development and production of the floor systems takes place in-house. Bolidt’s application teams are able to carry out projects quickly and flexibly, taking into account the applicable health guidelines. Thanks to their years of experience, these specialists know what it takes to install a hygienic floor. For example, they examine whether the surface is completely flat and whether the floors connect seamlessly to the walls, in order to rule out any potential outbreak of bacteria and fungi. Bolidt can completely unburden clients, for example by drawing up a workable LEAN plan.

In-house SHEQ department

Finally, the company’s selected business strategy also helps to ensure good hygiene. When it was founded, Bolidt consciously chose to keep the entire value chain in its own hands: from purchasing, R&D and production to sales, application and logistics.

It appears – even during the coronavirus crisis – that this provides the company with more control over its operations. For example, it provides intensive contact with employees every day during daily meetings. As a result, the transfer of information is optimal and all health guidelines are implemented very effectively. For example, their own application teams strictly adhere to all regulations set by the government. All in all, this strategy ensures that the health risks for our own employees, but also for other parties on the construction site, are minimized. Bolidt's in-house SHEQ department also ensures that work is carried out in a safe manner, not only on location, but also, for example, in our own production facilities.

Do you need support with hygiene issues at your company? Do you want to know with which applications you can increase hygiene in your company? From cleaning to killing multi-resistant bacteria, we are happy to help you!

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