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Superyacht Designs Diversified by Decking

Teak has been a traditional element of the superyacht industry since its conception. Chosen with good reason, it represented practicality, style, and durability. However, as purpose-built deck materials evolve in sophistication, teak cannot keep up with what the former can offer. At Bolidt, we are extremely aware of this, and take an active approach in offering the greatest possible freedom to yacht designers. Over the years we’ve developed a number of unique projects that just wouldn’t be possible with a wooden deck. The designs are only possible with our diverse range of flooring systems.

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  • MY Graceful Blohm & Voss Bolideck Select Hard

A great example of a Bolidt decking system in action is on the helipad for the MY Luna. A unique ‘Luna’ landing sign was designed and integrated into the decking. It’s sleek and stylish, but will also last a lifetime without mars or scratches. It looks extremely sophisticated, and will stay in that condition without endless maintenance costs.

With the Bolideck® series, there’s no need for a non-slip coating, as it’s naturally anti-slip. Whether in wet or dry conditions, it offers a firm grip. Also, due to its high quality synthetic nature, it doesn’t absorb water. Unlike traditional teak decks, the growth of bacteria, seaweed and fungi is kept to a minimum and it’s easy to clean.

Perhaps the most cutting edge element of the Bolideck® is the freedom it offers in design. Because everything is made in house at Bolidt headquarters, from the design process to the manufacturing of material, any design can be catered for. Rather than using paint, Bolidt can integrate a sign or a logo into the decking itself. This removes the need for non-skid paint and provides a full package solution.

Bolideck® Future Teak

With over ten years of application in the cruise industry, Bolideck® Future Teak has earned its place as a reliable decking material. Whilst the aesthetics are on par with teak, it offers a much quicker installation time and a lot less maintenance. Beyond this, it also offers endless colour choices as well as different kinds of finishes. This gives designers the space to create with specific functions and concepts in mind. Finally, without sacrificing the high-end, high-quality ambience, Bolideck® Future Teak is ecologically sustainable.

Bolideck® 525 Deco

This deck finishing system gives spaces a fresh look and an added depth. It does so with a unique combination of colours; a base colour (of the designers choice), and layers of sprawling coloured flakes. The elastic system is low-scratch, wear-resistant, makes for a comfortable surface and reduces contact noise. It’s proven to be ideal for crew quarters, hallways, foyers and reception areas. It’s not only appealing visually, however. It’s also durable, impermeable to fluids, and fireproof.

Bolideck® Helideck

Bolideck® Helideck is the deck finishing system that, from a functional perspective, is most suitable for helicopter landing platforms. It's highly anti-skid in case of rain or spray, and resistant to considerable mechanical loads like sliding skids. The deck can be repainted without losing its properties and is resistant to oil and chemicals. Just like the rest of the Bolideck® series, it’s seamless, durable, impermeable to fluids, low-maintenance, and fireproof.


AREA78 is our new Innovation & Experience center. It’s where we invite designers to come and let their minds loose with our materials. It’s another step towards innovating in the field of decking, and we can’t wait to see the dreams that come to life there. For more information on our Bolideck® series click here, and if you’re attending the Monaco Yacht Show, we’ll see you there!

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