Why chemical resistant flooring is crucial in healthcare

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    Why chemical resistant flooring

    is crucial in healthcare

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Why chemical resistant flooring is crucial in healthcare

The modern healthcare facility is a contradiction. An environment which is prone to extensive and repeated contamination which must always remain flawless. One of the greatest challenges lies in the frequency and variety of chemicals to which healthcare flooring is exposed.

The Bolidt team understands this. That’s why our systems are designed to be resistant to the range of different types of chemical which are found in a modern healthcare facility.

But why is this so important?

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Health & safety:

It goes without saying that a healthcare facility should be clean. But the variety and volumes of chemicals which the floor is exposed to can make maintaining standards a real challenge. The wrong flooring choice will crack, wear or degrade when faced with the harsh cleaning chemicals used in healthcare. Bolidt flooring systems are durable, don’t crack, are completely seamless, stain-resistant and comprehensively chemical resistant by design.

This lack of cracking and seams removes one of the most common places for bacteria to develop and colonise. This can be especially important in sterile rooms such as isolation wards or operating rooms.

By having a durable, smooth finish we make cleaning these spaces much quicker and easier. Making them quicker to be turned around for use by the next patient or team.

When it comes to safety, a floor should be anti-slip as well as meeting the latest in electrical standards. This last is often overlooked, but when a facility is utilising pressurised gas tanks of oxygen, for example, a spark caused by electrostatic discharge can be devastating and fatal.


Protecting the underfloor:

The durability also ensures that the underfloor remains sealed and so protected from contamination or damage which can be hard and expensive to resolve.

Afterall, if a substrate or underfloor needs repair or replacement, this will represent a substantial investment of time and money. Not to mention the loss of facilities whilst any work is being undertaken.

Visibly cleaner:

The range of chemicals which a healthcare facility floor is exposed is extensive and can be highly damaging. With exposure to chlorine, iodine and cleaning detergents being obvious ones, the floor also needs to be resistant to the less pleasant one as well. With vomit, faeces and alcohol all being corrosive to surfaces as well as the high iron levels in blood also being damaging, any flooring system needs to be highly chemically resistant.

But this resistance needs to not only be to physical damage, but also aesthetic damage. Bolidt flooring systems are designed to be stain resistant to a huge range of different chemicals. 


This ensures that not only will your floor be clean, but it will look clean and hygienic. A very important feature for patient confidence and comfort.

Chemical resistance proven in the lab:

All our flooring systems undergo extensive lab testing to ensure that they meet both the legal and practical needs of the modern healthcare facility. Adding a Bolidt flooring system to your healthcare facility will give you a finish which meets all your needs, is easy to clean and durable to last for a long time, even under the heaviest of traffic, heavy exposure to chemicals and most demanding of conditions.

We thoroughly test all our systems to ensure that they will not degrade when exposed to chemical contamination nor will they become stained or visibly impacted.

Should you require any additional information or have further
questions, then please contact the Bolidt healthcare specialist, Maidy Wensveen.

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